dear all you stunning people...

...who enjoy time at our bakery or with our breads and such.

We will be closing for a short moment to turn the bakery inside-out in hopes of re-launching into your lives twice the size and twice the vibes.

we will be closing between Feb 6th and March 1st.

During that downtime we will be slingin' fresh loaves, pastries and drip coffee from our good ol' bread truck outside the bakery curbside Feb. 11/12 + Feb 18/19 + Feb 25/26 along with both of our amazing Farmer's Markets Sat and Sun respectively.

all of your love, support and ever flowing energy is the sole reason we exist today. this team never imagined us expanding in a little over a year of being open, but all you glorious customers of ours made it happen for these bakers, cooks and baristas. we apologize in advance for the interruption in fresh bread and excessive grateful dead and reggae. please know and understand that this team and this humble little bakery have some really wild and exciting things to offer up in March.

we cannot wait to continue this ever-loving trip with each and every one of you.

one love