Lodge Bread Company started as a simple "I dare you to do it" between Or Amsalam and Alexander Phaneuf, and quickly became our life's work without even knowing what hit us. This project was born in December 2014 and the brick-and-mortar bakery was opened November 2015 after some wild antics and amazing blessings from friends and family.


Currently, the bakery is focused on whole-grain sourdough bread making, milling flour and slinging pizza from our west-side LA outpost. The owner operated, team focused bakery invites you in to its humble roots on a daily basis and hopes that you take away from it every ounce that we pour into it.


Scope out this website to catch a vibe, but it's highly recommended that you visit us in person to feel what we are really putting down. We are not trying to change the game, but rather letting the game shape-shift our grateful bodies into motion one day at a time. Thanks for visiting our online world, we stand ready to greet you in the physical realm with smiles and hugs.